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We understand that a relationship with God is more than a one-time moment of excitement – it’s a journey. We’ve all heard about God or Jesus, but who is He? What’s the point? Worship – through scripture, music, preaching, etc. – that’s where we start to make sense of who God really is… When we make that choice to believe in Jesus Christ, it’s a big step. We have to move from a head knowledge to a heart relationship. The best way to go to the next level is with other believers… in Link Groups. As we really get to know Christ, we realize his amazing gift of love. We respond to that love by sharing it. We use our ‘hands’ (the gifts and talents that God has given us) to serve others. The final part of the growth process isn’t really a step – it’s a continuation of the cycle. The love of Jesus is forever. It’s eternal! But it’s also for the here and now as we find wholeness and joy along the way. No matter where you are, you can start the journey today.